New Fairy Dwellings coming soon.
7th April 2016
The warm weather is coming… Are you and your fairy ready??
6th May 2016

indoor fairy homeWe always love hearing back from customers, we especially love it when we find out what their fairy has been called. Over the last couple of years we have had everything from Elvis to Cheeky.

We’ve got a fairy called Tilly. Tilly is a very spoilt fairy who has 13 fairy doors to choose from in his bedroom a large array of dwellings outside and now his latest addition after raiding my store room …. a fairy garden in the living room …

Tilly also has more birthdays than the Queen, normally without any formal warning and depending on what side of the bed he’s got out of.

Then there was the time Tilly disappeared for a couple of days over Christmas, we had tears and an official search party was called together, the poor dogs did not have a clue as to what was happening, but was sent to search the garden regardless. After hours of us all searching for Tilly, she was found to have sneaked through the Christmas elf door back to see Santa for a couple of days. Now if only she had called or left a note, could of saved all of us some much needed time. 

So don’t be shy what’s your Fairy called …..we would love to hear about their little shenanigans


Rachael xx


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  1. Jane Fryatt says:

    Your fairy door has been chosen as a very unusual Christening gift, I will let you know the reaction in due course, but I am sure it will be well received, well I’d be happy to have one !!

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