What is your Fairy called?
13th April 2016
Fairy Garden Joy on a wet Sunday morning
12th June 2016
So there is a rumour going round that we are in for some great weather this weekend. Whilst we all know to slap on the factor 20 and drink plenty, what about the fairies in your garden? Have you provided ample shelter for them to shade their delicate wings from the sun, and what about their pale skin? All fairies need suitable dwellings and refreshments this weekend, so please make sure you don't forget them. If you do then the least you can do is pop over and purchase a dwelling for next weekend. If you haven't room for a dwelling the do not fear! A fairy door will suffice, a magical portal for you little winged friends to escape to.
Fairies like sugar free juice, carrot sticks and pears according to my youngest. They don't like cream crackers, sprouts or liver and onions!! Not that this was on offer.. Our Fairy Tilly was left out some ice cream  and sweetcorn and various other leftovers from our bbq last night. All had disappeared by this morning, so we have a fairy that will not need to eat for a week ....or the dogs had a midnight feast when we let them out in the night ;) This month we have the discount code MayMadness on offer to use all across the website, so fill your cart for 10% off our entire range. Don't forget free postage on orders over £45 after discount.

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