Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question here then feel free to get in touch via our contact page or send us an email directly at

1How quickly will I get my fairy door?
We make most of our fairy doors in advance so most of the time your door will be posted out the first working day after your purchase. If you require a personalised door this make take a couple of days longer. If purchasing one of our rustic garden doors, this may take a few days before your item is dispatched. All small items are sent by first class Royal Mail. Larger items such as dwellings or garden accessories that will not fit in a slim box, these will be sent via courier, this may take up to 5 days. You will receive an email confirming your tracking details.
2How much is international postage?
It varies so much from one country to another so we have a blanket cost applied to international postage. If the postage or courier comes to less than the amount charged, we will refund the difference once the item has been dispatched.
3Will my fairy door come gift wrapped?
In order to keep our prices as low as we can we do not gift wrap our doors. When purchasing a gift set, Dinky door set or any door with Accessories, this will automatically come wrapped in tissue paper with a letter from the fairy giving instructions. Please note that they will come In a brown postal box.
4Can my door be personalised?
If you are purchasing a door for indoor use, then yes we are only too happy to add a name to the door for you free of charge. Please note that the smaller Dinky doors are not suitable for personalisation due to size. Normal internal fairy doors can be personalised at no extra charge. Providing the door is big enough to have a name added. If wanting a garden door personalised, then this is an extra charge of £4.00 as the personalisation needs to happen during the production of the individual door. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. Please include name to be added to door at check out
5Can I choose the colour and style of my door?
We may at times be able to commission a door that varies from our normal colour range, please note that during busy times such as November and December we may not be able to accommodate all requests.
6How do I fix my door to the wall?
We do not supply the door with adhesive, simply because if you didn’t want to fix it that way it would be a pain to remove. The doors are generally very light so can be fixed with such things as blue tac or double sided foam stickers. If you are wanting to hang or screw your garden door to a fence or tree, please first drill a small pilot hole, as nailing the door may cause the door/wood to split.
7How should I introduce my door to my child?
There is nothing more exciting than finding a magical portal has just appeared in your home. If purchasing a gift set or door with accessories you will receive a letter from the fairy and a key. Position the door where your child will find it, anywhere from the skirting board, a book shelf or wardrobe, and place the key and letter in front. Let your child read the letter and as soon as they have gone to sleep remove the key …… once the key has gone the fairy has moved in.