Fairy Garden Joy on a wet Sunday morning
12th June 2016
Fizzy Fairy Paintings
Hello fans of Rachael’s Fairy Doors.

Some of you may have noticed the new title picture on the home page and wondered where it has emerged from. Others may have visited the colouring pages via the link, or perhaps received a print of a sleeping Elf with a special festive door?

My name is Ellie and I run a page, on Facebook, called Fizzy Fairy Paintings. Long ago I painted and played with pastels at school, daubed acrylics at college and more recently, settled to exploring the surprises of watercolour paints.
Friends occasionally asked me for a painting of a cat, a personalised ‘new baby’ gift, or a birthday card for someone special. Painting for me means relaxing. I enjoyed painting and imagining a little piece of my soul and heart being in someone else’s home, so two years ago I made the decision to begin to pay the tax man more money and opened Fizzy Fairy Paintings as a proper, grown-up business.

Since them I have painted many a pet, fairy and cat. Most of the time I paint whatever pops in to my head, never really knowing what the end effect of pencil, pen and watercolour will be. I welcome commissions too and am always happy to give something new a try; it keeps me on my toes and stretches my boundaries.

I hope to continue to collaborate with Rachael’s Fairy Doors as I am a dreamer at heart and a lover of all things magical and wondrous! Feel free to pop over and browse through my albums on Facebook or get in touch if you fancy a bit of Fizzy Fairy Paintings in your life.

Fizzy Fairy wishes,

Ellie x


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