The warm weather is coming… Are you and your fairy ready??
6th May 2016
Fizzy Fairy Paintings
Fizzy Fairy Paintings
30th January 2017

As a small business owner working from home, the hours can be long and with the modern age of social media never ending. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always happy to chat to a customer any time of the day or night, my husband always complains I’m glued to my phone, then he understands the demands when once in a while I make him post a comment on the face book page. Then it's him that goes into melt down mode, “where is so and so’s comment gone, how do I attach a photo? What’s the price of a Fairy Lucy door and a unicorn?” All of which I’m expected to know off the top of my head :)

Being a small business owner you have to take big risks, having recently started stocking the dwellings and accessories from Vivid Arts and Fiddlehead (of which Hubby was the main driving force, now that it’s a success he’s happy to take the credit and remind me daily) we had to invest a massive out lay, and then hand pick items that we thought would sell. I cannot begin to tell you how many hours were spent discussing backwards and forwards… will a unicorn sell, do the ears on that fairy look right… will people buy dragons… will the youth of today even know what a red phone box looks like….

The answer was yes, yes and who cares ..lets face it half of people purchasing the items are secretly buying for themselves under the disguise of the kids. And who can blame them. They are fabulous and who doesn't want to dream that there are fairies in the bottom of their garden.

So back to the title of this blog…. This weekend we decided to stay at home rather than trek to the caravan to sit in a tin listening to the rain. This morning I had a glorious lying till 9. I did sneak a peek at my phone around 8 on my way to the loo, only to find my wonderful web designer hard at work on my website (on asking why he was working at 8 on a Sunday morning his answer was that or My little pony, he has a little one :) Work sounded like the best option).

Hubby got up at 9 and made his morning cup of tea, like many I cannot function till that first tea is poured. I check my phone and there are the usual junk emails from people who can change my life with just one click, the usual prince from a far of land that needs my hard earned cash transferred yesterday to release his funds so we can live happily ever after (Hubby said if he can put up with me for as long as he has, then he deserves the money and he will do the transfer immediately, funny as he wouldn't even know how to check the account balance ;) ).

So amongst all the junk was an email from a customer. I opened the email and to my joy was a beautiful picture taken of her new Fairy Garden with products purchased from our new range. The garden was beautiful and funnily enough there slap bang in the middle of the garden is a Unicorn. The Unicorn that caused me so many sleepless nights… the Unicorns that I accidentally ordered too many of and shed a tear when I was convinced I would never sell any. The Unicorn in the picture stands proud looking over its fairy garden, the same way I sit looking over my little mini fairy empire. Proud. And this morning a customer kindly sent me a picture that reminded me of the joy my little business is bringing to homes all over the UK and further afield.

Thank you to every customer who purchases and takes the time to send us a picture of their little bit of magic.



  1. Kath Mason says:

    Hi Rachael love your items, wish I knew about these when I purchased items when I did my fairy flower pot, I got carried away and continued to make a fairy village. Would love to show you my pictures.

    • rachael says:

      Hi Kath and we would love to see your pictures, please feel free to either post them on the blog or email them to us and we can add them for you. xx Rachael xx

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