About Rachael's Fairy Doors

We are a family run business based in Nottingham, UK, and our aim is to fill the world with sparkle, one fairy door at a time!

One weekend, back in 2014, whilst perusing the web for interesting things for Christmas I stumbled across a fairy door. I purchased it but when it arrived I was most disappointed with the quality. I showed my husband who commented that we could do better ourselves... challenge accepted!

After retiring from foster caring we were looking for a hobby to enjoy from home to fill our spare time and that's exactly what we had found.

The first of our magical fairy doors was made back in November 2014 and I quickly found out that I wasn't alone in my love of all things fairy. After an unsuspecting Facebook post I found myself inundated with interest and before I knew it, the orders were piling up.

Two years on we both work full time from the workshop at the top of our garden, offering a range of more than fifty fairy doors and accessories of all different designs and styles.

We couldn't be prouder when we get photos from our fans showing their collection of fairy doors. But Rachael's Fairy Doors aren't just popular with the kids. The unique and handcrafted doors and accessories are firm favourites among imaginative parents and grandparents and have even been used as parenting tools for the more creative young believers.

We hope to fill the world with magic and sparkle one fairy door at a time and what better way to treat that special little (or big!) person in your life with a magic fairy portal of their own?



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